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1971 Valiant VG Coupe build

After much persisting,I bought this 1971 VG Coupe of a friend who owned it for about 7 years. The car was off the road for 2 years. The engine consists of a 265 engine with Holley and extractors. The car is undergoing full a restoration, with a bare metal respray in Hemi Orange.

Build up progress

22/04/03: Purchased vehicle.

26/04/03: Began stripping the car. Removed the interior, windows.

01/05/2003: Bought 12 litres of paint stripper and began the filthy job of paint stripping the whole car! What a job!

June 2003: After the paint was removed I lightly coated the car in pressure pack primer to stop it surface rusting. I then took of the doors and front RHS guard and began bodywork. I got hold of a old door and used it to make plate sections to repair the rust on the bottom of the guards and mig welded them in place.

August 2003: Car towed to panel beaters where 4 litres of 2 pack Hemi Orange was layed on the body and looks fantastic.

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